“Tony…Thank you for everything. You’ve been a real pleasure. I thank you and Alice (Halle’s on-screen character) thanks you. Have a drink on us. Love, Halle”

Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman

“Thank you for your help with that accent…it was immensely important to me that it worked…your ear and your nudging was fantastic – and sometimes surprising!”

– Martin Freeman (Fargo lead)


“We [the Fargo actors] had a great dialect coach, Tony Alcantar.”
– Colin Hanks (Fargo lead)




“Tony, thank you so much for your help (on Birth of the Dragon); you are a great teacher. I will miss you!”

– Jing jing Qu, lead in the feature film, Birth of the Dragon


Allison Tolman

Allison Tolman

“You made me instantly at ease; you’re a gem, sir!”

– Allison Tolman (Fargo lead)

Kim Todd, Producer
Kim Todd, Producer


“Everyone at MGM is very happy…thanks for the great work on FARGO…the cast relied on you and trusted your instruction…no one could do it better.”

– Kim Todd, producer FARGO

“Tony, thanks again for your enormous contribution to the show’s success.”

– John Cameron, producer FARGO

“You, Tony, are a part of that family that needs to share in the credit of all the critical acclaim of FARGO.”

– Chad Oakes, producer FARGO


Erica Munoz


“I had the good fortune of working with Tony to prepare for an important audition. This was my first time working with a dialect coach and he set me completely at ease. He was knowledgeable, kind, and dramatically improved my audition. He is a master at dialect training but also has the unique insight of being able to break down the scene and give phenomenal acting notes to enhance your work. I can say with complete assurance that anytime I have any dialect needs, I will be calling Tony!”

– Erica Munoz, actress


Dylan Playfair

Dylan Playfair

“After working with Tony I have been asked several times where my American speech patterns came from. The ultimate testament of Tony’s dialect coaching was recently when I was voting here in BC…an elections officer mistook me (I am Canadian) for an American by my accent alone, reminding me that Americans cannot vote in provincial elections!!!”

– Dylan Playfair, professional actor

Shawn Doyle

Shawn Doyle


“Your work is great!”

– Shawn Doyle (Fargo)


Scarlett Byrne

Scarlett Byrne

“I had such a fantastic time working with you. Honestly, it was such a pleasure. I really appreciate your approach to (dialect) work and never once did you put pressure on me. I have had experience with other dialect coaches in the past and it has most definitely felt like that, so thank you very much for making it fun!

– Scarlett Byrne, actress FALLING SKIES (seasons 4 & 5)

Laura Brooke Toplass

Laura Brooke Toplass


“I am constantly recommending Tony Alcantar as a dialect coach.”
– Laura Brooke Toplass, Casting Director


Stacey Barrington

Stacey Barrington

“Tony Alcantar is a highly intuitive and gifted Accent and Dialect Coach. Having worked with numerous coaches in both Los Angeles and Vancouver over the past 10 years, Tony is by far the best I have trained with. We are very lucky to have Tony here and I highly recommend him as a coach for both auditions and dialect training!”
– Stacey Barrington, Actress and Founder of West Coast Actors Studio

Morgan David Jones

Morgan David Jones


“Tony not only helped me with perfecting my American accent, he gave me easy fundamental tools and exercises to maintain a natural accent. His accent work also crossed over to my acting technique. Since my sessions with him, I have successfully booked roles on Stargate Universe and Supernatural. I can’t thank Tony enough.”

– Morgan David Jones, Australian actor working in Vancouver



John Badham

Thank you so very much for being such a huge help to Barbara Eve Harris for our episode of “Supernatural”. She learned a great deal from you in a short time and did a terrific job on our shoot.”

– John Badham, Director

“..I saw your ability to take twelve individuals, all with different needs and at different skill levels, and make it possible for each individual to learn significantly more…You simplify every situation. Then build on that simple foundation. Results are immediate and often amazing. Your years of improv and voice coaching bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each class.”   – Norm Leavoy, dialect student


Gig Morton

“I approached Tony Alcantar for help with learning an American accent for Mr. Young as I feel comfortable with him and feel he supports my efforts as a young actor. (To date I have completed 81 episodes of this show)  Tony’s knowledge with comedic timing has also helped me with my always challenging job on Mr. Young. Tony gives very clear messages and breaks down what he is teaching so that it is easy to understand.  I would recommend Tony as an on-set dialect coach.”

– Gig Morton, professional actor


“Thank you for an amazing first class, today! You were able to calm my fears immediately, putting me at such ease, that I was able to focus and learn what you were teaching. My only regret about taking your course, why the hell didn’t I call you sooner!?!?!”

– Warren Tkachuk, dialect student



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