Tony is currently the dialect coach on the following sets:















REEL WEST – 10 Tips from Vancouver’s Busiest Dialect Coach – Fall 2015

LINKED IN – How Lessons I Learned in Improv Transformed my Career – Aug 2015

THE PROVINCE – No Need To Fear The Walking Dead – Aug 2015

REEL WEST – Fargo Diary (Updated Aug 2014)

ESQUIRE – How to actually speak like a Fargo character – April 16, 2014

THE WIRE – How FX’s “Fargo” got the accent down – April 14, 2014

YAHOO TV – How To Master the Fargo Accent in 7 Easy Steps – April 11, 2014

VANCOUVER SUN – Dialect Coach Tony Alcantar helped Fargo stars get it right – April 7, 2014

TIMES COLONIST (Excerpt) – Christmas Bounty: A comedy with car chases – May 2013

REEL WEST – Dialect Dial Up – 2010

THE PROVINCE – Tony Alcantar was called in to help Halle Berry with accents – 2007

A glowing recommendation from a student







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